Welcome to the Early British Census Project

  The Early British Census (EBC) project brings the numerous disparate pre-1841
census records into one searchable database. The project offers valuable insight
into household and occupational structures of early industrial Britain. It also offers
mentored research opportunities for students with historical and genealogical training.







Researchers can search by person, location, and occupational category. A full citation for the original, as well as for transcripts and copies, is provided for each entry.

The 1801-1831 censuses requested the number of women and men in each household and whether the household was employed in agriculture, trade, or other occupation. Most returns list only the head of household, but some contain more details about names, ages, marital status, residence, and occupation.

The database currently covers large portions of Cheshire, Kent, greater London, Staffordshire, Surrey, and selections from many other English counties. Other counties will be added over time. Depending on archival access, we plan to add northern English counties in 2022.










We are grateful to the donors and the archives and libraries who support this work.